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May 22 2018

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I caNt

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@elodieunderglass uh. legs??

Well, quite.


jesus I actually almost dropped my phone

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idk what’s funnier, pets with stereotypical human names like bryan and mckayla or pets with completely ridiculous names like hamburger and concrete

counterpoint- both, one of each. “these are my cats, switchboard and gary.”



Why is Bard-Cleric so funny? Is it the vicous mockery cantrip? imagine youre at a sermon and the pastor starts roasting you in front of everyone “thou art a little bitch jacob, SO SAYETH THE LORD AMEN” and the entire church echoes AMEN

and then you take 1d4 psychic damage

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Top Shot: Sete Cidades Sunset

Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen, 12 photos selected by the Your Shot editors. The photo our community has voted as their favorite is showcased on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account. Click here to vote for tomorrow’s Top Shot.

Your Shot photographer Jean Claude Castor caputured this panorama of the Azores islands in Portugal. The Azores is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Jean Claude writes, “When standing on the hilltop you get to understand why this place is so magical and attracting tourists all over the world. But be aware that most of the time year round this view is covered in thick fog or clouds…” Photograph by Jean Claude Castor

Corps Ends Rebuilding Work in Puerto Rico, But Much Is Left to Be Done


The Army Corps of Engineers is ending its work to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric grid, despite residents’ fears that the island’s government won’t be able to restore power on its own to more than 16,000 people who remain blacked out eight months after Hurricane Maria.

Trump administration officials say a big federal presence is no longer needed to hook up the relatively few remaining connections in the often-remote areas where people are still without power. But many people on and off the island are dissatisfied by the decision to pull out the Corps without Puerto Rico’s power fully restored.

Image via

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………………….slime man?

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The “tolerant” Libtards of the world folks.

Oh would you look at that I easily found the unedited original

Try harder op

they wanna be opressed so bad 

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Asirpa feeding them things they’d rather not eat

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how to play dungeons and dragons

  1. ignore all the “suggested” alignments to races
  2. ignore the histories about certain races being evil
  3. your material plane now
  4. have fun

I’ve reblogged this before but I will again, because it’s so, so damn important as a DM to remember this.

The world is YOURS. You don’t have to put up with whatever norms everyone expects from games. You want bright, cheerful, happy orc villages? Do it. You want elves and dwarves that get along perfectly well in a harmonious co-existing society? DO IT. You want friendly drow that take pleasure in guiding newcomers in tours through the Underdark? You know the drill by now - DO. IT. You are not bound by the constraints of someone else’s fantasy.

As I often remind my players. I am god, this is my world now, I do what I want.

Yes!!!! Fuck the canon, make it your own. We all know the basic shapes of fantasy all-canon well enough at this point; now it’s time to start playing with it and subverting it and making it into something better

Photographer Being Sued By A Monkey Over Its 'Selfie' Is Now Broke





THIS is what i mean when I say animal rights groups are absolute garbage that waste time, resources and money, all whilst doing nothing for animal’s welfare. 

peta have ruined a person’s life and career over a fucking photo. This is what peta does with it’s donated money and resources. This is what you’re supporting when you support animal rights groups.

PETA is literal garbage and every single one of their head staff should be in jail for an entire encyclopedia’s worth of crimes.

This stunt should get them charged with wasting the legal systems time and banned from filing further court cases.

Complete scumbags.

complete + scumbags = completumbags.

Beep-boop. Portmanteau^bot^1

At the end of the human world, you will be baked. And then there will be cake. | PayPal | Patreon
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this is it. this is the single greatest post i’ve ever seen on this god forsaken planet

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I just left my husband alone with our two children for sixteen days. I was not worried about anything regarding the house, their food, or their wellbeing. I put all the appointments in the family calendar and my husband checked it and kept them. I literally did not worry about them. I missed them, and I was sad that they missed me, but I didn’t worry about them AT ALL. I need to impress upon you all that I missed their company, but was not worried for their welfare.

I also did no meal prep. I don’t even think I went shopping right before I left.

This is not about apples and oranges. This isn’t even about my husband. This is about the fact that this is apparently WEIRD.

Another mum at my daughter’s school is leaving for ten days. She’s taking her youngest (who is a very small baby) and leaving her husband with their two girls. She has been cooking for days preparing freezer meals. She’s panicking and deputizing her six year old to remind him how to make school lunches. AND I AM APPALLED.

A) He is definitely not helpless. (He’s a doctor or something.) What gendered bullshit. B) THAT LITTLE GIRL IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HER AND HER SISTER’S WELLBEING. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. C) Why is she married to this person and creating children with him if he’s this big of an idiot?

While she was laughingly recounting this, the other mums were nodding and smiling sympathetically, like oh yes, I too have my caveman at home!! Such managing required! I was the only one who was like “Dude, he’ll be fine. Literally. He will be fine.” I said it a lot. She was not convinced. She kept bringing up her older daughter. She’ll be like a little mum!




Straight women, don’t do this shit. It’s gross. Don’t infantilize your husbands and then expect your daughters to pick up the slack. So fucking gross. So. So. GROSS.

The fact that so many adults think a six year old girl is more capable of learning and performing basic domestic tasks than a grown-ass man says it all, really. 

You should never have children with someone you cannot comfortably, and without a second thought, leave in charge of your kids. People are wild.

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hey who wants to see me (probably) get real, real mad at a “science” article

that’s… not a new theory? Like, at all?

Unless we’re counting 1902 as new. (I’m certainly not!): https://books.google.com/books?id=9JITAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false

This keeps coming up; more recently, a variant’s been formally proposed for at least a decade, and it’s been bandied about since 1991. 

Also, there’s very little in the way of evidence that glaciation coverage reached Salisbury Plain.

Here’s a map of the UK’s glacial coverage.

Here’s a map with Salisbury Plain marked on it, which is where Stonehenge is.

oh. oh dear. 

Self-publishing isn’t always bad, mind you, and traditional academic publishing has some serious issues (pay-for-play journals, ridiculous subscription fees, reviewer bias, etc.)- but self-published means zero peer review and likely zero oversight.

Ok, so let’s talk about what Live Science is doing well here. I think the glacier theory’s bupkus, but what this post is really about for me now isn’t tearing down that theory but actually talking about science writing.

When reporting on science, it’s hard to take complex theories and boil them down into terms that non-specialists can understand. Sometimes this is done really poorly, and sometimes it’s done well. What’s going well here is this:

Historical background: Despite the first bit of the article stating otherwise, the article does acknowledge depth of theory and mentions the 1902 paper- as well as the 1923 paper that debunked it. 

Rephrasing: Demonstrating what John sees without getting into the (literally, since it’s glaciation!) gritty details- highlighting key points that lead to John’s beliefs, but also making note that they are John’s line of evidence- noting that John thinks that the glacier may have reached Salisbury Plain. Since this is an article reporting a theory (a theory that’s not… outwardly terrible or has gross racist implications like “theories” about aliens building pyramids), it’s good that they’re not taking sides right here. It’s responsible to make sure that the readers know that John is the person who thinks the glacier extended as far as Salisbury Plain. A map of the glacier’s known boundaries could have been useful, so that non-specialists know what they’re talking about- but that could lead to bias. 

So how do they present the other side?

Again, good presentation of the other side of the issue at hand- good explanation of credentials, and again, good highlighting of the evidence used for this line of theorizing. There’s more to it, but I’m actually gonna link the article itself in just a sec, because even though the title annoys me (as does the first chunk of the article itself), overall I think it’s passable science communication for a general public audience. 


the bat hawk is…….gorgeous. dare i say potential bird aesthetic

it looks like the messenger hawk for a goth warrior

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